Burger & Lobster

One of my all time favourite restaurants! I’m not gonna lie, I’m very much a regular in this establishment. In particularly the Threadneedle Street restaurant, their cocktails are amazing!

Burger & Lobster’s menu has recently changed in roughly 6 months to a year. Originally you had the option of either ordering a burger, a whole burger and half a lobster or a whole lobster and half a burger, and then a choice of 2 desserts (this is based on 2 people sharing). They have recently updated their menu which provides more variety.  For those doing Something to Impress , you also have the option of picking your own lobster from the tank!

My usual order at Burger & Lobster consists of a medium-well done burger and a steamed lobster. The meal comes with fries and garlic butter. The great thing about the garlic butter is you can always ask for more. 🙂


Although the cocktails at all the Burger & Lobster restaurants are great, I in particularly prefer the cocktails at the Threadneedle Street restaurant. The relaxed ambience of restaurant suits all aspects of the Dating Lifecycle. The dimmed lighting, the comfortable booths,  it’s quite a charming restaurant. From my research and to the best of my knowledge, it use to be a bank. This makes a lot of sense as the restaurant has a very vintage feel to it. To top off the picturesque view, the Threadneedle street has 2 bars! Yes 2! One of which is located on the ground floor and the other of the first floor. Not only are you able to order a cocktail that is not on the menu, you can also request your very own signature drink. The bar staff will assist you by discussing the type of spirits and flavours you are into.

Burger & Lobster is a restaurant where you don’t need to really make a reservation. However, having said that if you decide to go to around peak times in a larger group e.g. on a double date, I would recommend making a reservation just to be on the safe side.

Happy Dating! 🙂



Contact details: https://www.burgerandlobster.com/en/

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