Icebar – London

Brrrrrrrrrrr! This was definitely a unique experience. This was recommended to me by an aunt of mine. I had a great time at the Icebar. Literally everything was made out of ice, right down to the glasses we were served our cocktails in.

I chose Icebar as a date activity because it was very different and there are not many venues like this across London. I’ve come across various Groupon offers for the Icebar. Unfortunately around the time I was looking to book, I couldn’t find any offers. So I made a reservation on their website . There are 2 types of ticket options, An Icebar Ticket which includes your first spirit based cocktail and a Premium Ticket which includes a Moët Champagne cocktail. As our reservation was for New years Day , I thought why not push the boat out a little bit. So I opted for the Premium Ticket.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the front of house team who presented us with our drink tokens and a mini menu with cocktail choices. We were then sent to another member of staff who assisted us with our designer thermal capes. They come attached with gloves and a hood.  Fully kitted for our experience, we were ushered through a door to the bar. My first reaction as I walked in was “Bloody hell its cold in here!!

The overall atmosphere of the bar was relaxed and intimate. It wasn’t too big for it to feel like a club if you get my drift. I would recommend this  date activity across all aspects of the Dating Lifecycle. The bar staff were very attentive and extremely nice, the music playing in the background was loud enough for you to still be able to have a conversation.

For our first cocktail, my partner and I chose the cocktail ‘Zebra Crossing’(picture above). I must admit drinking out of a glass made of ice was very peculiar. Having said that it was great as your cocktail chilled for a lot longer and wasn’t watered down like it normally would be by having ice cubes in your drink. I really liked this as I am a huge fan of tropical fruits in a cocktail. Having said that, I’m not ecstatic about champagne but this was really nice as the flavours complimented one another.

Now, I personally don’t deal too well with the cold, so within in 20 minutes of our experience, I quickly had to run to the ladies to defrost my hands haha. In my opinion the gloves and uniform they gave us didn’t really do much for us so wrap up warm 😂

When I got back to the bar, my partner had ordered another round of drinks. In the short space of time that I had been gone, he seemed to have made friends with one of the guys behind the bar. This new found friendship led to them playing a guessing game at my expense lol. I had to guess which cocktail they had picked. It turned out he had ordered Crocopolitans. If left to me, I wouldn’t have picked this on the menu as some of the ingredients consisted of pink grapefruit and cranberry juice. But to my surprise it was actually very nice. We didn’t order anymore drinks as my partner had made reservations at another restaurant.

I would definitely go to the Icebar again but I would go in Summer next time round.

In order to enjoy this unique experience, you would have to make an online reservation. Payments for this would have to be completed during the reservation confirmation.

The Icebar is in a great location, it’s right opposite the Hamleys Toy store just off Regent Street. It is located on a little alleyway that has a number of restaurants surrounding it. The Icebar experience provides you with 40 minutes in temperatures as cold as -5°C.

If you would like to take full advantage of the venue, the Icebar offer an Icebar and Dine Package. This is also available on their website.

Happy Dating! 🙂

Contact details: 31-33 Heddon St, Mayfair, London W1B 4BN 020 7478 8910

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