Duck & Waffle

Duck & Waffle is located on the 40th floor of the beautiful  Heron Tower, opposite Liverpool Street Station. The views from Duck & Waffle are absolutely stunning.

To me this restaurant has always been portrayed as extremely expensive and that only the elite can dine there. It is actually very affordable, with its signature dish “Duck & Waffle”  being the cheapest main course on the menu.

This is definitely a restaurant where you would have to make a reservation; sometimes booking as early as 1/2 months in advance. So if you’re looking for somewhere scenic for a special occasion, you better get booking! Having said that, the restaurant is actually open 24/7. But from experience trying to make a reservation a couple weeks before an occasion, can sometimes result in reservations only being available from 10pm onwards. The reservations team are very helpful and if you inform them that you would like a table for earlier that day, they will do their best to accommodate you and make you aware of any slots that have become available due to cancellations.

I have been to Duck & Waffle on 2 separate occasions and absolutely loved it. Both times I opted for the “Duck & Waffle” as my main course. The “Duck & Waffle” comes with a crispy duck leg, fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup.


In regards to drinks; on my first visit I opted for A glass of Rosé. However on my 2nd visit I tried The Pine Needle Lemonade. I’m not a massive fan of Gin but I found this to be a very refreshing cocktail. One thing I have definitely learnt on date nights is you can never judge something until you have tried it . In my opinion although nice,  the cocktails at Duck & Waffle are slightly pricey.

This time around instead of having a dessert, I had a hot chocolate (If you didn’t know, it is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world!). When it comes to hot chocolates I can be very fussy however I must admit it was nice,rich and extremely hot. Just how I like it 🙂

I would definitely be going back to Duck & Waffle in the near future as it’s one of those restaurants that you can’t really go wrong with.  I believe that this would be great location for dates that are scoring 2 and above on the Dating Lifecycle as I feel that it may be intimidating for first dates and it may set expectations a bit too high for future dates.

Happy Dating! 🙂


Contact details: 110 Bishopsgate (Heron Tower), Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, 38th Floor, London EC2N 4AY 020 3640 7310


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