The Whisky Lounge

A perfect way to keep you warm in winter! The Whisky Lounge is one of the many great activities you can find on Virgin Experience Days.

There are various spirit tasting courses that Virgin Experience days offer, in particular a number of whisky tasting courses. From all the options provided, we opted for the Whisky Blending Experience for Two with The Whisky Lounge.

Once you have paid for it online, you should shortly receive in the post an envelope containing the following.


The package comes complete with instructions on who to contact to register for your experience and the availability in the various 12 locations. The course is run by a whisky expert who will take you through a bit of the history of whisky and its origin etc.

Not only do you get to learn about the different flavours and textures of whisky, you also get to name and blend your very own whisky!

I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed this (as well as being slightly tipsy on a Sunday afternoon). The venue we selected was one of the London venues. The event took place at Salt Whisky Bar and Dining Room.The bar was located around the corner from Marble Arch station, on Seymour Street.

It was held in a room upstairs away from the main bar. The room was quite cosy which made it slightly warm. The lighting  in the room was fairly dim as the curtains were also drawn. The experience lasted approximately 2 hours and the expert was very friendly and informative. It was great interacting with the other couples as it gave you the opportunity to learn what flavours of whisky people preferred. There was a couple sitting opposite us that ‘overdid’ their tasting a little bit. Let’s just say when it came down to blending their whisky there wasn’t much of it left lol.

In my opinion this is the type of date activity that you would only attend once, as I assume the same thing would be taught on all courses. It was a nice environment to be in and it was great for a chilled Sunday afternoon. If you find out your partner or the person you’re dating enjoys whisky why not take them on a date like this?! If this doesn’t tickle your fancy then there are  various other spirit tasting/cocktail making options that Virgin Experience days offer.

Happy Dating 🙂

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