Now, it’s not what you think!

Swingers is actually a crazy golf club located adjacent to The Gherkin. Due to the location, your best bet would be to get there by public transport. Bank and Aldgate station are just a 5 minute walk.

It was our first visit to Swingers as neither of us have played crazy golf before.  And believe you and me, I found it bloody hard! Unfortunately you can see from the scores that I lost :’(.


From the moment you walk into Swingers, you can feel that there’s a vibrant buzz to it. Its decor is very fashionable and the green is well lit. You are greeted by the front of house team who provide you with a little pamphlet that gives you a bit more information about Swingers. There is also a free of charge cloakroom that is available for your use.

Entry to Swingers is actually free, so you are able to use the bars or restaurants.  However in order to play crazy golf, you can either purchase ‘walk-up’ tickets or advanced tickets online. We made a reservation online which was pretty straightforward. To pre-order your tickets please use this link http://swingersldn.com/events/. Our booking was for 5pm to 6:30pm but the next available slot wasn’t until 5:50pm. It’s best to get there early for your slot so you can actually start earlier. If you book an advanced ticket for 5-6:30 and arrive at 6:30 you may not start until like 7.  From my understanding how it works is that, there are a set amount of groups allocated to each slot and they estimate that course should take approximately 45 minutes to finish. So this is how our approximate start time was calculated. They advise that you arrive at the course 5 minutes before your game is due to begin.


That being said, we made our way to the bar :). There are 5 cocktail bars located across the venue. Swingers offer a large drinks menu with several cocktails for you to choose from. It took us a long while to decide as there were just sooooo many options. I cheekily asked the bar tender if it was possible to order drinks that were not on the menu. He said as long as he knew how to make the cocktail, he was more than happy to make it for me (GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!). So we opted for a Lychee Martini and the Hurricane Carter. After trying the Hurricane Carter, I wish I had that instead lol.


There are also 3 restaurants you can dine at; Pizza Pilgrims, Patty & Bun and Hoppers. As usual we didn’t stay for food as we booked a restaurant elsewhere. However, we were informed by staff that the food there is really good.


There was a member of stuff waiting for us at the beginning of the course. He explained the rules and also informed us that we could keep score via their app. For your game you’re provided with a golf ball and club each. You are able to select from small, medium and large golf clubs.


There are 2 separate courses, each with 9 holes. Your game will either take place on The Windmill or The Lighthouse. Our game took place on The Lighthouse course. Just before we started our first hole, a waitress came round to see if we wanted to order any drinks. Of course we ordered another round of Hurricane Carters!  There are quite a few waiters/waitresses walking around taking drink orders. Drinks are allowed on the course but no food.


I reckon it took us about 40-50 minutes to complete the course, this was due to all the reckless talking from my opponent! All in all we had fun and the game was great. It definitely brought out our competitive sides though I was told to concentrate and take my time on several occasions lol. Unquestionably we will be visiting Swingers again in the near future. This would be another great ice breaker for a first date, as well as great fun for all aspects of the Dating Lifecycle.


Happy Dating 🙂



Contact details: http://swingersldn.com/

Swingers – the crazy golf club
8 Brown’s Buildings
(Between Bury Street and St Mary Axe)
London EC3A 8AL

020 3846 3222

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  1. I visited Swingers with my partner recently. We pre- booked tickets and chose to do the Lighthouse course. The game was entertaining and very competitve. We ordered Nduja (Pizza), a frozen cocktail and a ciroc berry lemonade. Would definitely visit Swingers again!


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