Birthday Celebrations-A long weekend in Amsterdam


I’m not gonna lie booking this holiday was actually long! From deciding which hotel to booking flights and actually getting the time off work…it was a nightmare for like 3 weeks! But we got there in the end.

To make better use of our time in Dam (Amsterdam) we made an itinerary and tried to book as many of the activities before our arrival.

Don’t worry I’m going to provide you guys with all the links and prices to the all the places we visited. Links are available on the Useful Websites Page

Dam Day 1

Our day actually started at 8am…we decided to get breakfast at The Breakfast Club. Stupidly I forgot to bring my camera to take pics for you guys as I was running late. (Sorry!)

After going through security we ended up strolling through duty free as we thought we had all the time in the world. He ran to the gents quickly and whilst I was waiting, one of the guys in duty free decided to keep me company. He asked where we were going and he said how he had been to Dam and what he done whilst he was there. They had free tasting of an Old Famous Grouse scotch that wasn’t actually for sale, let’s just say that having that shot at 10.30am kept us warm for the whole flight lol.

We almost bought a litre bottle of Cîroc but then realised that we wouldn’t be able to finish it in 4 days (drink responsibly kids!). This brought up the conversation of how the guy filled one of those drink backpacks with a whole bottle of Cîroc and ice for Notting Hill Carnival.




As much as our flight was delayed we still got to Dam at roughly our original arrival time. Luckily for us our hotel provides a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

There are a number of hotels that provide a free shuttle from the airport, so it’s best for you to check this when booking your hotel.

We checked into the Ramada (Apollo Amsterdam Centre), unpacked our bags and spent the day chilling. We decided to go the local supermarket to stock up on drinks and snacks for when we got the munchies 😉 .

From our hotel there was great transportation services. Tram 13 takes you directly into the city centre. Train tickets were sold as 1 hour- €2.90, 24 hours -€7.50 , 48 hours – €12.50 and 72 hours €34.

We were also quite lucky in the sense that there were load of restaurants and fast food joints within walking distance of our hotel.

We found out there was a KFC near our hotel but it took us forever to find, we initially asked the receptionist, we thought we had followed her directions but clearly not. The further we walked the more we realised we were going in the wrong direction. We asked a guy that was just standing by a block of apartments but we still managed to get lost.

One thing that we noticed is that the Dutch definitely sound like Americans. We asked him why this is and he said it was because he listened to rap music on MTV and in Holland they show all films and TV programmes from the USA as the original versions without dubbing or doing voice overs in Dutch so they learn English the American way.

Anyway we ended up spending the night chilling and watching City of God. If you haven’t watched it, I would recommend it 100%.Great film!


Dam Day 2


So on this day I relived my childhood. I learnt about Van Gogh when I was in Primary School and ever since then I’ve wanted to visit the museum. I remember visiting the museum when I went on a family holiday to Amsterdam, but after visiting it this time round, it was a whole new experience.

This was the hottest day on our trip so we made sure we dressed the part. The queue for the museum was fairly long but it moved quickly. Once we got into the museum tickets were €17. we also bought audio headphones (they were only 5 euros)  that gave us insight on certain paintings within the museum. I strongly recommend you use them if you visit. It makes the experience a lot more enjoyable and you end up running around museum like little kids looking for the portraits with the headphone signs.

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We weren’t able to go to the Anne Frank Museum as we tried to book tickets online and there were none available. I was hoping that the queue wouldn’t be so immense. I saw the queue, had a diva moment and refused to line up.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any videos or pictures in the gallery but I am going to let you guys enjoy some pictures of our day anyway.


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Dam Day 3

Probably our best and busiest day in Dam.

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Have a look at what we got up to…


Natura Artis Magistra (Zoo)

Tickets for the zoo were €21.50




A ’dam Rooftop

Tickets for A’dam lookout were €17.26 this came with a free cocktail

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The Seafood Bar- Spui


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Dam Day 4

I absolutely loved the fresh waffles and hot chocolate at this place. Be sure to check it out when you are in Dam!


Tickets for the museum were €17.50


The stress of almost missing our flight and Amsterdam public transport coming to a standstill is basically how our trip to Dam ended lol.

Overall we had a great time on our trip. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do everything we planned like renting bikes, visiting Anne Franks house and the romantic night cruise on the canal but we still had an amazing time.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog 🙂


To book tickets for the activities

A’ dam Lookout:


The Seafood Bar:

Natura Artis Magistra:

Van Gogh:

Anne Frank:

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