Birthday Weekend-Easter Jam, Old Skool Sundays and Cracking up Comedy



Easter Jam ft. Kwabena Kwabena and Kofi Kinaata

Before you watch the videos from the night, I would just like to apologise for any screaming or shouting that you may hear.


To explain my love for Kwabena Kwabena I need to give you a bit of a background story. As you may or may not know, I am of Ghanaian descent and absolutely love Afrobeats and Hiplife. Now I’ve been in love with Kwabena Kwabena since I was 16. My favourite song being Faakye which is Twi for ‘Forgive’. He made this song when he cheated on his wife and was pleading for her forgiveness.

Anyway…enough of the background story. My nearest and dearest big sis Sophia bought tickets as a birthday treat.

The night was absolutely amazing! He performed all my favourites Aso, Faakye, Meye, Royal Lady, and Adult Musik just to list a few.

For events similar to this, have a look at


Sunday- My Birthday 😀

So, I got home really late from the concert (5.30am to be exact) and I was greeted by a banner saying “Birthday Princess” as well as a timeline of pictures from when I was born to the present day. (You can check this out on the Birthday Celebrations Blog)

I’m forever complaining that no effort is made for my birthday, in particularly my older years but my mum and brothers definitely blew me away this year.  Some of these pictures I had never seen before. What shocked me the most was my mum made a WhatsApp group with 3 of my closest friends for them to send her pics of me slipping.

On top of that my cake was absolutely amazing!



Big shout out to My Mum and Brothers for going all out. This is definitely a birthday I won’t forget!!!!


Old School Sundays – Bank holiday Special

The main event…Old Skool Sundays Bank Holiday Special.

So I was looking for a chilled event where you could get some good cocktails, a bite to eat and have some good music playing in the background. I came across Old Skool Sundays and thought this would be great.

As it was my birthday I had free entry to the venue and I also got a free drink (I forgot to claim my free drink :’()

Unfortunately I left it too late to make a birthday booking, so we had to grab any table that was available. Overall the night was good but it did get a bit crammed and basically turned into a rave the later it got. It made me feel like I was back at a uni event. However, some friends that had been before told me that it’s not normally as busy and it’s more chilled. I’m assuming because of the Bank holiday this was why but I would definitely go back in the near future and check it out again.

To get tickets for Old Skool Sunday events visit Design My Night and Shoobs which are available on the Useful Websites Page. 



So I went to Burger and Lobster (you guys already know this is my spot!) to grab a bite to eat with a couple of the ladies before the Cracking up Comedy Easter Special.


Cracking Up Comedy Easter Special

How can you not know about Mo the Comedian?! He’s been all over social media this year. At the moment he is well known for his sketches on different types such as Roadmen, Guys/Girls in a night club, Nursery rhymes and many more.

Now I have been following Mo the Comedian since summer of 2014. I first discovered Mo when he was (and still is) the  host for Love lounge and that’s where I first realised how funny he was. I’ve been to pretty much all the Cracking up Comedy shows since he first launched the show.

The line up for The Easter Special consisted of:

  1. Axel Blake; Instagram: @axelcomedian Twitter: @axelcomedian
  2. Travis Jay; Instagram: @travisjayent Twitter: @travisjayent
  3. Alistair Williams; Instagram: @thegreencomedian Twitter: @agreencomedian
  4. Nico Yearwood; Instagram: @neeksman Twitter: @neeksman

By far this year’s Easter Special has been the best show I have ever attended. Take a look at the videos below.



I know I haven’t spoken much about date night ideas in this blog but a comedy show is always a great idea for a date night, no matter where you are in terms of the Dating Lifecycle.

I just want to take this opportunity to really congratulate Mo as the show was sold out within 4 days! Not only that but I have seen Cracking up Comedy grow over the years and to see how successful it was that weekend I was extremely happy for him.

If you guys are not following Mo already on social media, please check him out! You can also get updates on where Mo will be performing and hosting next.

The next Cracking Up Comedy will be on Sunday 21st May! Tickets will be out soon, you will be able to get them on Eventbrite

You can follow Mo on social media on the following:

Twitter: @MoTheComedian

Snapchat: @mothecomedian

Instagram: @ mothecomedian

Facebook: @ MoGilliganComedy

YouTube: Mo Gilligan


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