We didn’t plan on going to Haché but we were really pleased to stumble upon it. I’ve actually been to Haché once before. I went to the Clapham High Street branch, it was nice to revisit the restaurant.

I don’t even remember what happened but I think someone was a bit tired of the spot light for one night looool.


Let’s get down to serious business! So between us we ordered:


What was really cool, was how the bill was presented to us. It was presented with a tablet for us to rate our experience, along with a little bowl of smarties…I ate them all lol



This has been one of those great times where you come across a great place without planning to!

The setting of Haché is great for all aspects of the Dating Lifecycle. The restaurant is romantically lit and has an intimate feel to it.

Considering the amount we ordered, we felt that Haché was great value for money (Please note that all prices are available on the website). This is somewhere we’d definitely be visiting again.

Check out Haché:

Instagram: @hacheburgers

Twitter: @hacheburgers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HacheBurgers

Website: http://www.hacheburgers.com


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Happy Dating 🙂

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  1. The food looks yummy ❤ I’ve seen a couple of this restaurant around, however the name never really appeal to me….would be visiting in the near future.😊

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