Ping Pong



Another classic and favourite of mine…I seem to have a lot on here lol.

This is definitely a great spot if you’re looking to try various dishes. Ping Pong provides a variety of dim sum these include steamed, grilled and fried.

Ping Pong isn’t like your standard restaurant, you’re provided with a menu where you can mark your selected choices. As the waiters bring out your dishes, they cross off the items. I feel like this is a great method as there is so much variety, it would be easy for an item to be missed off.

As you know by now, I do love a good cocktail. Ping Pong have a wide range of great cocktails. Based on those I have tried in the past, it’s fair to say that they all have a kick to them. In particularly I liked the Lychee and Roses, Chinese Zombie, Flaming Passion Fruit and Long Island Ice Tea. However on this visit, I had a Fresh Lemonade with a Lychee Purée. Amazing!

Below is the order we placed, we actually ended up ordering a couple of the dishes twice as they were just too good!

One thing you can be sure of  is that Ping Pong always have a great deal on for you. Current deals include:

  • Monday – Thursday, 3-7pm Happy Hour £5 cocktails available at all branches.
  • All you can eat dim sum and bottomless bellinis
  • 15% off your bill, our treat to all students!

Check out more offers at:

Ping  Pong have 9 restaurants across London, they include:

  • Soho
  • Southbank
  • Westfield Stratford
  • Westfield White City
  • St Christopher’s Place
  • Bow Bells House- St Paul’s
  • Wembley
  • Covent Garden
  • St Katherine’s Docks


Follow Ping Pong on the following:



Twitter: @pingpongdimsum

Instagram: @pingpongdimsumuk



Happy Dating! 🙂

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