London Night Market

I’m gutted that this event is over now,  nonetheless I want to share my experience in the hopes that some of you may attend next year if it comes back.

As far as I was aware, this year was the first ever London Night Market. I had seen several advertisements around London leading up to the event so I had to try it out.

At that time I hadn’t heard much about the night market apart from the fact that it was about food, so I knew I had to be there!

The market spanned over 11 days mid June, but definitely needs to be much longer next year! They had over 50 different food stalls as well as bars and DJ booths.

We were lucky enough to find 2 for 1 tickers here: The tickets granted entry only to the market but many of the stores accepted card payment so no need to carry lots of cash with you, just a little in case you need it.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 15.53.48

Once we entered the market, we had no idea where to start! On our left, we could see the Westfield’s Open-Air Cinema (which you had to purchase tickets for separately). With this you get a complimentary bag of popcorn and wireless headphones for the film. There would be one film screening on weekdays and 2 at the weekend, ranging from classics to recent films.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, here’s what we got up to.


I’m really sad that I didn’t get to attend the event early and that I only managed to catch it on the penultimate day, but if it is on again next year expect to see me there religiously!

The market would be more than suitable for whatever part of the Dating Lifecycle. you are at. The chill vibes accompanied by great weather is more than enough to win couples over. Groups of friends and families also enjoyed it just as much.

IMG_3834 2

We could only visit 3 stalls but it was a great taster of what they had to offer.







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Happy Dating 🙂














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