Bath Weekend (pt 2) – Pulteney Bridge

When we first had the idea to visit Bath, we weren’t sure what exactly was on offer. The idea was merely for a relaxing getaway from the stresses of London life. Regardless of this, there was no harm in seeing what the town had to offer.

As a very organised person, I tend to plan ahead and so when we decided to travel to Bath I got to thinking about different parts we could venture to. I’d heard Pulteney Bridge was a must when visiting bath and therefore put it straight on the list. I’m glad I did as it is easily one of the most romantic places I have ever been to!

The scenic views from the bridge paired with the therapeutic sounds of the River Avon were a match well made. It was very easy to get lost in your thoughts, and in time. I could have stayed here all night!




Check it out for yourselves!


This would be great for couples that are on phase 3/4 of the Dating Lifecycle as it provides a new experience and the romantic gesture can help to keep the flame well and truly lit. If after reading this you haven’t already started planning your own getaway to visit the Bridge, the costs are minimal so this is one you can enjoy with ease. I’d suggest going in the evening after a lovely dinner at Hall & Woodhouse for a truly immersive experience.

I would love to go again sometime in the future but must keep on with my travels.

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Happy dating! 🙂

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