Bath Weekend (pt 2) – Hall & Woodhouse

I don’t even know where to begin with this restaurant! The food here was phenomenal. I mean each course was just…wow! This must be the first time I’ve finished a 3 course meal without so little as a crumb left, and that says a lot. I will definitely be visiting Bath again, just for the food at Hall and Woodhouse!

Between us we ordered the following:

This is an extremely popular restaurant, you might even say it’s one of the many attractions of Bath!

Make sure you book in advance, don’t turn up expecting to get a table as you may be waiting for a long time or you may not get one at all!

The restaurant had a grand atmosphere about it, although it felt casual. I would say that the setting of the restaurant was a modern version of fine dining…if you catch my drift.

I would recommend this from phase 2 onwards in terms of the Dating Lifecycle,  as I feel the ambiance of the restaurant may feel a little intimidating for a first date.


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Twitter: @HWBath


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Happy dating! 🙂


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