Busaba Eathai

In last the year, without planning to do so, I think I’ve been to Buasaba Eathai about 3 or 4 times. I’ve been for a surprise 30th Birthday and a few dinners here and there.

Before my first visit I hadn’t actually heard of this eatery, so I thought it was just another one of those over hyped Thai places and I was a bit reluctant to try it out at first. But as you know by now, I am definitely one for trying new things.

I decided to give it a go and this happened…

For all my calamari lovers, this is one to die for! Forget deep fried; wok tossed calamari is where it’s at. Throw in some ginger and green pepper sauce and its a wrap…

If you’re looking for fresh, flavoursome and well priced Thai food then you better hit this place up! Whether it’s for a first date or just date night out, this would be a great spot. I feel that the mood and lighting works for all occasions.

With 14 locations in London, you have no excuse not to pay these guys a visit. Especially as this isn’t the type of place where you would need to make a reservation, unless you’re going in a large group.

If you’re looking for a private dining space to celebrate a significant milestone I would recommend the one in Shoreditch. They have a great space upstairs that would cater to your needs and sits 20-odd people.


Busaba Eathai’s socials can be found below:






Happy Dating! 🙂

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