Blue Lagoon

Fun fact, The Blue Lagoon is known as ‘One of the 25 wonders of the world’.

I am so happy and proud to say that I have ticked this off my bucket list. The Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights were the ultimate highlights of this trip.

We almost didn’t make this excursion :(. On the night we landed we were meant to head there  straight away, but our flight was delayed and we missed our tour bus. Luckily for us, the tour company booked us for a different day!

We purchased the ‘Comfort’ ticket which includes the following:

  • Entrance to The Blue lagoon
  • Silica Mud Mask
  • Use of Towel
  • 1st Drink of your choice

The  ticket is priced at ISK 6990.

There is also a Premium ticket, priced at ISK 9990, which provides you with:

  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon
  • Silica Mud Mask
  • Use of Towel, Bathrobe & Slippers
  • 1st Drink of Your Choice
  • Algae Mask
  • Restaurant Reservation (optional)
  • Sparkling Wine if dining

Bear in mind that tickets can only be pre-booked! Book your tickets here Blue Lagoon

Stepping out into the freezing cold in a bikini is not the best idea, but it was an experience. Approaching the water I saw Matt McGorry, who plays Officer John Bennett in Orange Is the New Black and Asher Millstone in How to Get Away with Murder. As soon as I realised who he was, I turned back and shouted at the girls to hurry up and get in the water. By the time I looked back he had swum away. I spent the whole night looking for him and was devastated that I never saw him again 😥

Unfortunately I didn’t take many videos but you can see the snap videos we saved and I put on my YouTube Channel.

Happy Dating 🙂

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